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Have Limescale Build Up Because of Hard Water?

One of the important maintenance tasks any homeowner should attend to is to keep hard water problems to a minimum. Hard water creates two problems, which are 1) limescale build-up, and 2) compromising the quality of your home’s water heater.

Hard water is basically the result of mineral presence in the water that runs through your pipes. These minerals often are a combination of calcium and magnesium and many others. The more concentrated these minerals are, the “harder” your water becomes. It might not seem like much when you think about it, but as time goes by the damage that hard water incurs can be challenging to fix and can make itself problematic in the long term.

Hard Water Problems: Water Softeners as a Solution

The solution is to install a water softener at home. A water softener helps prevent limescale build-up and extends the life of your current water heater. In addition, it also makes your tap water taste better!

What Happens When Hard Water Is Left Untreated?

When you continue to use hard water in your home without letting it go through a water softener, it can result in three consequences:

  1. Limescale build-up. Limescale can accumulate in and around your plumbing fixtures, which will effectively clog up or damage your pipes.
  2. Cause skin irritation. The combination of using soap and hard water for bathing might cause skin irritation in a number of individuals – especially those who have sensitive skin.
  3. Less effective cleaning of clothes and dishes. Using hard water to launder your clothes and wash your dishes can sometimes mean that these items are not cleaned well, compared to washing them with softened water.

While the use of hard water often doesn’t mean very serious health issues in a lot of people, it still pays to know that the effects can be reversed or kept to a minimum when you use water softeners. Water softeners are able to keep minerals from building up and make washing with soap a lot easier to do.

Want to know more about water softeners? Interested in having one installed in your home? Or perhaps the one you have at the moment is due for repairs or inspection?

Whatever it is, Kalamazoo Plumbing can help you. We’ve been in the business of providing plumbing services to the residents of Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan for decades, providing families with solutions for drain cleaning, plumbing for new construction, water heater installation, and many other services including the installation, repair, and maintenance of water softeners. We’d be happy to equip your home with one to put an end to your hard water problems or run a diagnostic test and inspection on your current one to make sure that it is still of good quality and servicing you well.

We take pride in our affordable pricing that takes into consideration all kinds of budgets while still meeting expectations of what high-quality work and efficient services are. We are very transparent with our rates so our customers know straightaway what they’re paying for. With our assistance, you will be able to improve or keep the quality of your daily life with a water softener in your home. Get in touch with us today for a quotation or to answer any questions you might have about water softeners!


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